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How Long to Stay

A visit to Gunma is easy to fit into your Japan trip. The shinkansen (bullet train) runs throughout the day between Tokyo and Takasaki, taking just 50 minutes. Gunma’s ease of access makes it possible to visit for an onsen- or ski-focused daytrip, but the prefecture’s diversity makes it well worth a longer stay.

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Gunma is an ideal place to explore a more authentic side of Japan and get off the tourist trail. Each of its main destinations warrant at least a long weekend to enjoy the slow pace and fully appreciate the surrounding area. Read our itineraries to plan how you can spend your time in Gunma’s most compelling areas.

Gunma is largely rural, so if you plan on visiting a few areas, you’ll need to factor in the time it takes to get between them. Driving is usually the most time-efficient option, so it is recommended that you rent a car if you’re planning on covering a lot of ground.

*You will need a valid driving license for Japan, such as an International Driving Permit (IDP) or legal translation of your license, depending on which country issued your license.

Main Destinations of Gunma

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Get inspired by stories about rural getaways, hiking adventures, onsen hopping, and local cuisine. Find out more about the unique charm of Gunma in our comprehensive articles, guides, and itineraries.

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