Gunma Excellence

What is Gunma Excellence?

Gunma Excellence is a certification awarded by Gunma Prefecture to tourist facilities, including hotels, inns, restaurants, and other venues.

Facilities that have achieved the Gunma Excellence certification provide an assurance of quality and ease of use to visitors. Traveling somewhere new can be a challenge. Gunma Excellence aims to remove those barriers.

What does a Gunma Excellence facility offer?

The venues that are part of Gunma Excellence have demonstrated their commitment to and proficiency in catering to international tourists. Each facility has undertaken a seminar in welcoming foreign tourists; they offer foreign language support and have signage within the facility displayed in English. Additionally, Gunma Excellence-certified facilities must provide free Wi-Fi and western-style restrooms and be open to consultation on meals to cater to dietary requirements (where applicable).

Where are Gunma Excellence facilities?

There are nearly 40 facilities throughout Gunma that have achieved Gunma Excellence, and that list continues to grow. The facilities included on the list are spread across the prefecture. Wherever you go in Gunma, you can find Gunma Excellence facilities that ensure a high standard of hospitality.

What kind of facilities are part of the Gunma Excellence program?

Picking Gunma Excellence-certified accommodation can make your stay even easier and more relaxed. There are plenty of Gunma Excellence activities you can take part in, too.

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