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How to Use

Build a personalized Gunma itinerary

We understand that planning a trip to a new destination can be daunting. Gunma is filled with gorgeous natural sights, relaxing onsen, and exhilarating activities you will want to include in your itinerary. Using the Trip Planner feature, you can add sightseeing spots and activities to your favorites, create custom plans, and see access options.

1. Add See & Do spots

Adding spots and activities to the Trip Planner is easy. Just click the map pin icon next to the name of the spot to save it to your favorites. You can add locations directly from the search results page, too. Click the same icon located on the spot or activity’s thumbnail image to add it. To remove a spot from your plan, just click the icon again.

2. Access the Trip Planner

Simply click the map pin icon at the top of any page to access the Trip Planner page.

3. Customize your plan

Customize your plan
Customize your plan

The Trip Planner automatically shows spots that have been added to your favorites on a map and in an ordered list. Click the “Optimize route” button to put the spots in an automatically optimized order based on the spots’ locations. Alternatively, change the order manually by dragging the small bar on the right side of each spot. You can change your preferred transportation method using the dropdown menu between the spots. Click the “Direction” button to the right of the dropdown menu to open detailed directions in Google Maps. If you want to delete a spot, click the “X” in its top right corner.

4. Save and share your itinerary

Save and share your itinerary
Save and share your itinerary
Save and share your itinerary

Use the pencil icon above the map to create a custom name for the itinerary. Once you have decided the order, click “Create an itinerary” to save the plan. When a plan is created, you can edit it from “My Plans” or create a new one by clicking “New Plan.”

Clicking “Create an itinerary” gives you the option to share your itinerary on social media, by email, or by QR code.

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