Takasaki Festival
Takasaki Festival
Takasaki Festival
Takasaki Festival
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Takasaki Festival


Last updated: July 29, 2021

Takasaki's biggest annual event

Takasaki Festival, the city's biggest annual event, is a community effort. Every year, citizens organize a massive, traditional-style festival in which visitors are encouraged to participate. One of the festival's main events sees portable shrines called "mikoshi" paraded across the city center. The procession is accompanied by chants, dances, drumming, singing, and street music. Another highlight is the massive fireworks display, in which over 15,000 rounds are shot into the night sky.

The festival attracts crowds of people who join in the celebratory, communal atmosphere every year. It is held on the first weekend of August.

Basic Information


Takamatsucho, Takasaki ( Map)


About 10 minutes on foot from Takasaki Station

About 15 minutes by car from Takasaki IC of Kan-Etsu Expressway


September 4-5, 2021

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