Sakurayama Park Winter Cherry Blossoms
Sakurayama Park Winter Cherry Blossoms
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Sakurayama Park Winter Cherry Blossoms

桜山公園 冬桜

Last updated: December 21, 2020

Winter cherry blossoms brighten up cold days in Sakurayama Park

There are 7,000 winter cherry blossoms in Sakurayama Park. Fuyuzakura is a rarer variety of cherry blossom that flowers twice a year—in spring and winter. The best time to see Sakurayama Park’s winter sakura is from mid-November to mid-December.

The blooming is accompanied by a festival during which you can enjoy stage performances and warm up with cups of tocchanage—a local type of miso soup with dumplings. The trees are illuminated when the sun sets, so it is worth staying late to see them both day and night.

Basic Information


2166-1 Sanbagawa, Fujioka ( Map)


About 30 minutes by bus + 15 minutes by taxi from Gunma-Fujioka Station


Mid–November to early December

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