Joshu Numata Tonkatsu Highway
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Joshu Numata Tonkatsu Highway


Last updated: March 06, 2021

Enjoy delicious pork raised in Gunma served as a fried cutlet

The Joshu Numata Tonkatsu Highway features restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of tonkatsu, including fried pork loin or tenderloin cutlets, tonkatsu served with a miso glaze or Japanese-style with grated radish, a cutlet rice bowl, or with curry.
Restaurants are lined up along the way from the Kan-Etsu Expressway Numata IC to Fukiware no Taki Falls. Be sure to stop by after seeing the waterfall.

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Along National Highway Route 120 and other locations in Numata ( Map)


About 15 minutes by car from Numata IC of Kan-Etsu Expressway

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