The Seasons of Japan in Gunma Prefecture

Experience the colors of Gunma through every season, as each unveils a unique facet of its natural beauty

The Seasons of Japan in Gunma Prefecture

Last updated: May 13, 2024

Our homepage video showcases the captivating beauty of Gunma in every season. In winter, fluffy white powder snow blankets the mountains while soothing onsen baths envelop you in a gentle mist. As spring and summer bloom, vibrant hues of lush green wetlands, verdant forests, and vivid blue lakes, invite adventurers to explore. Come fall, witness nature's masterpiece as the landscape is painted in shades of red and gold, casting a warm and inviting glow upon mountain roads, ancient temples, and the rich tapestry of traditional crafts. Learn more about the locations in our video to inspire your next trip.

Inspiring locations and unforgettable adventures

Lake Shima

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Glide on a canoe across the vivid “Shima Blue” waters of Lake Shima, lined with dense forest. The color is particularly intense in spring when snowmelt from nearby mountains feeds into the Shima River.

How to get to Shima

Mt. Tanigawa in summer

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In summer, the emerald peaks of the Tanigawa mountain range invite adventurers to climb to the summit and escape the heat. Even non-climbers can enjoy the spectacular views by taking the Tanigawadake Ropeway to Tenjindaira.

How to get to Tanigawa

Oze National Park

The lush marshlands of Ozegahara in Oze National Park are a riot of color in spring and summer, as delicate white skunk cabbage blooms give way to bright yellow daylilies. Wooden boardwalks protect the marsh flora and provide an easy walking route.

How to get to Oze

Lake Sugenuma

The changing seasons reveal a kaleidoscope of colors on Lake Sugenuma, from the emerald greens and vivid blues of the clear water to the summer greens and autumn reds of the surrounding foliage. Rent a canoe to explore one of the most transparent lakes in Japan.

Yoshigadaira Wetlands

On the northeastern side of Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane a fairytale landscape unfolds, sometimes shrouded in mist. Stroll through the Yoshigadaira Wetlands, dotted with mirror-like ponds and bordered by birch forests.

Kusatsu Onsen

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The pretty resort town of Kusatsu Onsen is photogenic in every season, as steam rises from the iconic Yubatake, a hot water field in the town center that gushes mineral-rich spring water.

How to get to Kusatsu

Mt. Tanigawa in winter

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The deep powder snow at the small ski resort of Tenjindaira on Mt. Tanigawa has one of Japan's longest ski seasons. Carve through fresh powder, then relax in outdoor onsen baths that have soothed weary travelers for centuries.

How to get to Tanigawa

Takaragawa Onsen

Enjoy the changing seasons from the Takaragawa Onsen outdoor baths right next to the Takaragawa River. In winter, bathers enjoy views of the magical, snowy landscape while soaking in the warm waters.

How to get to Takaragawa

Daimonya Co., Ltd

Discover Gunma’s rich craft heritage, as master craftspeople blend tradition and modern design. Red Daruma are handpainted good luck charms that are widely believed to have originated in Takasaki.

Around Manza Onsen

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Winding mountain roads take you to Manza Onsen on the slopes of Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane. One of the highest-altitude hot spring resorts in Japan, Manza is a popular ski area in winter, and its outdoor onsen baths offer sweeping views in all seasons.

How to get to Manza

Hotokuji Temple

The views of the Hotokuji Temple gardens, reflected in highly-polished floors and framed by wooden pillars and windows, are natural artworks. Take a moment to contemplate the quiet beauty of this renowned Zen temple.

How to get to Hotokuji Temple

Shima Onsen

Tucked away in the northwest mountains of Gunma, Shima Onsen has storied onsen inns, dotted along the Shima River Valley. Explore the charming, retro townscape and the nearby mountains, rivers, and the blues of Lake Okushima.

How to get to Shima

Ikaho Onsen

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Halfway up Mt. Haruna, the gold and silver healing waters of Ikaho Onsen have drawn visitors for centuries. Climb the famous stone steps to the red Kajika Bridge and enjoy sweeping views across the nearby mountains.

Kajika Bridge

The classical arched red Kajika Bridge in Ikaho Onsen is beautiful in every season, but in fall, the fiery foliage creates a picture-perfect scene. During this season, the trees are artfully illuminated at night, creating a romantic atmosphere.

How to get to Ikaho

Hoshi Onsen Chojukan

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Discover the art of bathing at Hoshi Onsen Chojukan, a historical ryokan in the Minakami area. Of the three hot springs, Hoshi No Yu is the most iconic, housed in an elegant wooden bathhouse, built over a century ago.

How to get to Hoshi Onsen

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